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We understand you have lots of options when choosing an income tax preparer.  Hopefully, by visiting this site you will see the benefits of using a trusted professional. We are located in the Kansas City Northland and conveniently located near Gladstone and Parkville.

Income Tax Questions?

Our firm has discovered over the years that an open line of communication can save headaches down the road.  That is why the general practice of the firm is not to charge clients for quick questions.  These are generally the “what if” questions and helps avoid unknown tax consequences. So don’t be afraid to give us a call! We are happy to answer any of the questions you may have.

Why Should You Have a CPA?

Come tax time you may find yourself asking, “Should I hire a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) to prepare my income taxes this year?”  The simple answer is YES, but let us explain why. Every year taxpayers fail to file their taxes and they make simple mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars.  A CPA can help reduce the number of errors and remind you of tax filing deadlines.  To sit for the CPA exam, a candidate must possess a certain education level geared towards accounting.  In addition to education, there are work experience requirements.  To maintain a license, a CPA is required to complete Continuing Professional Education Courses each year.  Under the AICPA a CPA has a code of ethics the must be adhered to and followed.

Why Choose a Local CPA Firm?

Now that you have decided to use a professional let’s take a look at choosing the right CPA.  First, you will want to make sure the CPA license holder is, in fact, licensed.  Most states provide a means to check the credentials, but each state can be different.  For instance, in Missouri, a database is kept for each licensed individual, such as Shawn Williams, CPA.  You can also check on the status of the CPA Firm in the State of Missouri.  When you begin your search using terms such as Find a CPA or CPA near me you will be given a list of results, but how do you sort through this list?  There are some questions you should ask:

  1. What is the policy in regards to satisfaction?, i.e. if I am not satisfied with your services what are my remedies?
  2. Does the CPA or firm maintain Professional Insurance? –  This insurance is in addition to general liability.  Professional Insurance is used when the CPA firm makes a mistake.
  3. Another important question to ask about is billing procedure for general inquiries.  Some companies charge for every phone call or email.  The practice of this firm is not to charge for general questions and issues lasting less than 15 minutes.

In the world of choosing a tax preparer you have four different types to choose from:

Self-prepared Tax Return.

There are many reasons you may choose to prepare your tax return.  At times, though, you may feel like your taxes are getting a little too complicated to handle on your own.  You may also determine that tax preparation is not the optimal use of your time.  For many,  even a few extra hours of free time is a valuable commodity.  Taxes are what we do, so let us take the stress out of tax season for you.

Franchise Tax Office.

Usually, these offices are staffed with preparers who have been hired just a few months before tax season.  Many franchise tax offices aren’t even open outside of tax season.  Often, if there is an issue with IRS or state tax office you won’t receive correspondence until after April 15th.  If this occurs, you then find yourself with a tax notice and no tax specialist to contact.  Luckily, our office is open all year around.  The same person who prepared your return will be available to assist throughout the year.

Large CPA Firm.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a large CPA firm is never knowing from year to year who is working on your tax return.  During tax season it can become near impossible to contact a CPA or even the individual preparing your tax return (which many times is not a CPA). At Williams Tax & Accounting, we are always available and always reachable.

Williams Tax and Accounting (Small CPA Firm).

You read that right; WE are the fourth option. At WTA, you are just a phone call or email away from talking with your CPA.  The small size of our firm ensures that we can offer you an estimate for tax preparation and stick to it.  An actual CPA will prepare and review your return so you can have confidence that you’re getting top-notch quality and service, every single year.

Some other advantages of choosing a CPA for Income Tax Preparation:

  • Provide timely tax savings advice.
  • Provide family tax planning for issues such as children education, divorce, trust, and estates.
  • Act as a liaison between yourself and the Internal Revenue Service or State Government.
  • Guidance as it relates to deductible and non deductible retirement contributions.
  • Calculate future tax amounts including quarterly estimates and employer withholding.
  • Explain general income tax related questions.
  • Tax Notice response and Tax Audit support.

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